“Faces” is a project born by distorting the concept of photo ID, a special format of photography used mainly with institutional aims, usually for passports, identity card...the simplest tool to catalog people, to identify the complexion of the skin, the sex: just an illusion to set human beings in extraordinarily rigid categories. None of this shows features of each of us: no matter the shape of a nose, the color of eyes, the shape of the ears or the length of the hair, the color of the skin or the wrinkles on our faces.

We must have to look for IDentity under our skin, inside ourselves, and simply answering to the question: “who am I?” We must have to overcome faces, going through the eyes to the soul. So, the project aims to go beyond typical rules of “how to take a photo ID” by using the grain, blurring to deform faces into unrecognizable portraits, to make it clear to those who finally wonder “who am I?” that even though some phisical feature can be similar, is our personal IDentitiy that makes all of us different and special human beings.

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